Getting started



Before we begin, please remember that you can always reach out to 21RISK support at

What is 21RISK

21RISK is a web application that makes it simple to work with checklists, audits and actions. Typical use cases are:

  • Fire protection checklists for production sites or warehouses
  • Asset Protection programs
  • Actions based on engineering recommendations
  • ISO checklists
  • EHS compliance

Who is this for

We build 21RISK to make your job easier, working with checklists, compliance and risk management in general.

  • Busy people working in operations , that have to complete checklists.
  • Risk managers can use 21RISK to get the complete overview of audits and actions.
  • Experts working in your organization that are maintaining compliance checklists.
  • External experts can also use 21RISK, with ad-hoc access or dedicated accounts.
  • Employees can report COPE information and value collection to streamline your insurance process
  • Managers and leadership can access high quality dashboards
  • External brokers and insurance agents can get access to dashboards