Audit. Audit. Improve. Improve. Empower. Empower.

You are constantly required to audit.
Make it happen.

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How 21RISK can help you
Audit anything, seriously.

Explore our extensive library of existing checklists, or create your own in minutes. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it possible to extend an existing checklist or build from scratch.

Please perform engine inspection carefully, and with plenty of attention attention to detail. A well-maintained engine produces a higher output and is better for the environment.

Does the engine meet all EU Emissions standards?


Write your own descriptions, so everyone is on the same track.

Structured responses

You define how responses should be formulated. In this case a simple yes/no.

Simple compliance model

Cars must meet the EU emissions standard. Green is ok, Red is not. Something everyone can understand.
Distribute like no other.

We support daily, weekly and once-in-lifetime audits. Self-inspections are triggered by your colleagues scanning a QR code, or carefully invited 3rd party experts doing one-time-only audits.

Compliance is a team effort.

Compliance in the workplace requires a team effort. The 21RISK platform makes it a collaborative experience to improve non-compliances.

Identify an issue

Identify an issue while auditing, and track the non-compliance in a corrective action.

Track progress along the way

Corrective actions is where you track your progress. When essential information is added the status will automagically change to in-progress.

Electrician is hired, cost estimate is 300€
Should be ready by this Friday.

Collaborate and complete

Engage your team to find solutions. Add comments or upload files. We keep track of all changes, so the full history can be documented.

Could you please tell me where I can find the floor plan for the storage depot?
Sandra (Auditor)
I'm new here, maybe Shawn can help?
Adam (Site employee)
I have uploaded the floor plan Sandra. Can you confirm it's what you need?
Shawn (Site employee)
Use the tools you love.

Empower your team by connecting 21RISK with the tools they already know. Our Microsoft Power BI app takes seconds to install, and get's you started with powerful analytics. Securely connect to all the tools and apps that drive your business.

KPI's Reports Trends
Decreased by 4.05%
Cost Estimate
Increased by €202
But, auditing is much more than just a checkbox.

Explore everything you can do.

Prebuilt models
Track with Actions
e-mail reminders
Assign responsible
Power BI
Share data
Combine 3rd party experts with frequent self-audits. Use actions to work with issues, and prioritize with your team. Provide insurance companies with detailed analytical insights.
Make compliance happen. Today.