At 21RISK an audit consists of several categories, what some people also refer to as questions.

Categories are responsible for 21RISK being extremely flexible. Some categories requires members to write a comment, while others fetch data from external APIs like Hazards by Munich Re.

Categories with a cost

The vast majority of categories in 21RISK can be used without any additional costs. A few categories come with a cost per use, as they fetch data from external API's with a price per call.

The price for using a model, can always be inspected before creating a new audit. If the price for a model is €100, creating a draft audit with this model will then decrease your account balance by 100.

List of categories with a price

Category Price of category
Hazards by Munich Re €100

Account Balance

The account balance can never be below 0. To view your account balance, you must have billing permissions. If you have billing permissions, you can always view the current account balance on the account page .