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Gone are the days of managing audits and actions in Excel sheets. Welcome to the future!

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Compliance platform

Everything you need to make compliance happen

We bring together everything that's required to make compliance happen in your organization. Our extremely flexible software makes it easy to build stunning checklists , so you can deliver a uniform experience across your organization.

We also help organizations with anonymous audits ,corrective actions, flexible sub-tasks, ISO readiness, value collection, natural hazards, and much more.

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Audit date 5th October 2022

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Audit anything

You can build or adapt any type of checklist for 21RISK. From simple yes/no questions to data entry

Get the overview

With hundreds of ongoing audits, we help you bring order in your data. Standardize what you ask about and how.

Collaboration and user training

21RISK empowers multiple users to edit the same report in real-time. We also Lifebuoy you with user training and onboarding material.


Upload images or attach files of any size. Perfect when you need auditors to attach big files like floor plans or videos

Schedule, Draft and Publish

Managing a large number of reports is harder than it sounds. Enjoy our well-defined concepts and take back control

PDF and Excel export

Enjoy battle-tested PDF exports, and detailed Excel exports

Automatic backup policy

Secure your precious audits! All audits in 21RISK benefit from automatic backup, and our Lifebuoy is always ready to help you.

Anonymous access

Give access to individual reports by simply sharing a link anyone on the internet can consume.

Create reports in batch

Create hundreds of reports with a single click. Track when you are scheduled to start audits, so you can allocate resources efficiently.

Why 21RISK?
Make compliance happen

In the past, it was a manual and hard process to manage compliance. Every department had their own way of doing things.

With 21RISK, you can manage compliance in a single platform and share your results with stakeholders both internal and external.

Frequently asked questions

What's a user?

We only count users with an actually login. Our tiers are flexible, so don't worry if you temporary exceed your limit.

What is an audit?

You can choose from our public library, or build your own checklists.

Does the number of audits affect pricing?

You can audit as much as you wan't! On all the worlds continents, around the clock. We got you covered.

Is 21RISK a web-app or iOS app?

21RISK is a powerfull web application supporting mobile, desktop and tablets. We deploy new versions daily, so you always have the latest features.

Can I share my results with external stakeholders?

Yes! Traditionally it was a hughe pain to share audit results with external stakeholders. With 21RISK, you can easily share your results with anyone, internally and externally.

Can I try 21RISK before paying for it?

21RISK is free to get started. When you reach our free-tier limit of 10 users, you can choose to upgrade pro or enteprise.

What is the difference between Pro and Enterprise?

The Pro tier is payed with a credit-card. Enterprise is invoicing, but includes also SSO and dedicated support.

How long does it take to get up and running with 21RISK?

Depends. Do you already have audit processes in place, and looking for a new tool? Then we might be able to help you quickkly. But we can also assist creating an audit strategy from the bottom up, and then more time might be required.

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