Some questions in 21RISK, can have a compliance concept, this is a measure of how the answer for the question is measured against the intended answer. For example if the question is to score something from 0-5 you could indicate that 3 and above would be the intended answer


Compliant is when the given answer to a question is equal to the intended answer, this way your answer is considered compliant with the requirements of the question. In the previous example if we answer the question with 3 we are compliant. This compliance level is signified with the green color


Excellent is when the given answer to a question is above or better than what is considered the intended answer, if we return to the example of scoring something from 0-5 where 3 is considered compliant. In that case answers of 4 and 5 would be better than the intended 3 and considered excellent. This compliance level is signified by the color blue

Awaiting review

Awaiting review is a special compliance state, When your organization has enabled the review process of actions, when you change the question from a non compliant answer to a compliant answer instead of moving directly to the compliant score, it is moved to awaiting review. A user with the permission to approve actions must then approve it before it changes to the compliant score.

In progress

In progress is when a question is answered as non compliant, however there has been provided information relating to how the answer will be changed to a compliant answer in the future. The required information is that a responsible user has been appointed to implement the required tasks, an estimated cost of the required work, and a due date for when the work is expected to be complete. This compliance level is signified by the yellow color

Non compliant

Non compliant is when the answer to the question is below the accepted requirements. If we return to the previous example of a score from 0-5 this would be an answer of 0, 1 or 2. All below what is considered to be acceptable. This compliance level is signified by the red color

Not answered

In some cases questions are not required to be answered, and can be left out. Depending on the configuration these questions will either be marked as the compliance of their default answer or not answered simply signifying they are left out.

Not applicable

When configured so, a question can be marked by the auditor as not applicable. This signifies that the question does not apply for whatever reason. Conditional questions where the condition is not met are also considered not applicable, these questions do not figure into the overall compliance score of the report. This compliance level is signified by the gray color

Not scorable

Some types of questions cannot be scored on a compliance range, these questions get the compliance not scorable


When actions are closed, they can no longer be edited. Actions become closed when an action from a newer audit takes its place.