Action details

Actions make compliance happen. There are several important details you can access, by opening an action

Action description

Actions are created when issues are identified during an audit. The auditor might have added a description, to help you understand what should be improved. The description can be changed/updated later.

Basic information

The table following the description allows you to quickly update the required properties of the action.

If your organization has enabled custom columns for actions, they will also appear in the table.

What to do?

As you probably already know - actions are about fixing issues identified while auditing.

In the simple example above, only one question should be answered. But keep in mind that this could also be 10 checkboxes to complete.

Audit log

Who was responsible for fire doors 3 months ago? When did we estimate a cost of 2000€? With the audit log in 21RISK, you can answer all these questions without issues.


Comments on actions make it easy for your team to have a conversation about the issues identified.

When you add a comment, we will automatically notify the responsible user (if any) with an email.


Sometimes it is useful to add files, photos, videos, or other types of documentation. You do this by either clicking on the button - or simply drag-n-drop your file there