Getting started

How to get in

21RISK is a web application, so to access it, you need an internet connection and a browser. We support Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari. Login by visiting , enter your work-email , and click Login.


Large customers at 21RISK typically have Single Sign On (SSO) enabled. This works by matching your domain of the e-mail address, and redirects to your organization's login page. If SSO is enabled, skip the next section about magic links.

Who is this for

You will now receive an e-mail with a link. Please check the spam folder if you can't find the email.

Click on the link in the email, and you should now be redirected to 21RISK.

Already invited

If your colleagues or administrator already invited you to 21RISK, you are now logged into 21RISK.

Well done ✨

Request access

In the case you were not invited to your organization, you will be met with this screen:

  1. Your organization can customize this message, so please read it to understand who you should contact to get an invite.
  2. You can always reach out to 21RISK support
  3. If you by mistake used the wrong e-mail, or would like to try again, press the logout button.

Invite your co-workers

To invite your co-workers, navigate to and click new.

This will open a dialog, where you have to provide the following information:

  1. Email The work e-mail
  2. Name Full name
  3. Role Will default to site-member
  4. Access The site(s) where the member should have access

When you invite the member, you can also choose whether to send an e-mail or not.


The email itself is not special. When a member is invited, they can log in by simply navigating to