Journey of an action

When a category is identified as non-compliant in an audit, an action is created. Working with the action can change the action to being in progress . And finally, when the issue is fixed the action is completed.

**When are actions created?**

Actions are created when a report is published . You can read more about publishing reports here . Non-compliant categories may result in new actions, but auditors can also choose to re-use existing actions. Newly created actions will be red - because they are non-compliant. When looking at actions in the board view, they will appear in the Todo column:

And when looking in table-view, they are marked with status red

How to move from todo to in progress?

Actions are automatically changed to in progress, when 3 details are provided:

  • A responsible person has been assigned
  • A due date has been indicated
  • A cost estimate has been given (add 0 if N/A)

When you are looking at actions in table-view, required properties are highlighted

By clicking on the red labels, you even update the values directly from the table view.

If the action is not completed before the estimated due date , the 21RISK system will automatically change the action to todo.

From in progress to completed

To finish the action and move it to completed, you simply fix the issues described in the action and mark it as done 🔥


An action can be closed when a new audit is published. When this happens the action from the new audit will replace it, and the old will be closed. Closed actions can no longer be edited.