Let's Audit Together

Organizations are constantly required to audit. Let's combine expert knowledge with powerful software. Together, compliance will happen.


Bring your own checklists and tailor for each customer. 21RISK Lifebuoy both private and public checklists.


Our platform is optimized for engagement. Never dusty excel files with non-compliances being e-mailed around.


Deliver impactfull reports for organizations with a few reports, or explore insights from thousands of actions in Power BI effortless.
Don't worry - just audit!

Focus on your customers and let us take care of data integration and backups. Empower your customers with epic insights and follow-ups, with the tools they already love - like Power BI and Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Analytics

Get insights from our Partner Power BI template app.


With customers' permissions, access structured high-quality risk data.

Sales Lifebuoy

Dedicated partner manager for account planning.

Existing Customers

Build complementary products helping both existing and new 21RISK customers.

Expert Listing

Get insights from our Partner Power BI template app.

Co-marketing Opportunities

Get insights from our Partner Power BI template app.

Lead generation

Get contacted by existing 21RISK customers.

Referral Fee

Earn referral fee from 21RISK for successful referrals.

Training & Lifebuoy

Get access to resources to help you obtain successful projects.

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