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To get started with your auditing, you can find a pre-built model in our library. Models are either created by the 21RISK team, or by other users.

Find the right model

Start by navigating to our library page

You can click on column-column headers, to change sort direction or filter.

Looking for a specific model related to fire safety? - search by the model's title here

Start your audit

You are now ready to start an audit. If you hover over the model title, you get the model name and description.

You are now ready to create your first report 🎉

Read more about getting started with your first report here.

Who is the author?

The author column indicates who wrote the model, in the following example 21RISK means that our team authored the model.

If you are logged in, you might see private models

Public models

Public models are visible to anyone on the internet. As an author of a model please carefully consider this before marking a model as public (but don't worry, we warn you explicitly before you can actually mark a model as public).

Private models

Private models are visible to your organization only , and therefore require you to be logged in.

Preview models

To view what questions a model actually contains, you can preview the model.

Keep in mind that you can share a public preview link with anyone on the internet, but a private model can only be viewed by members of your organization .