Make compliance happen.

#1 compliance platform

Single source of truth

Establish order in the way you work with compliance. Make it simple for everyone to get on the same page.

Data is the new oil

You are a compliance expert. We are experts in well-structured data. Working together we will help with data architecture, so you can focus on important tasks.


We are always ready to help, so you can deliver impactful insights to your stakeholders.
Compliance platform

Your team's central source of truth for compliance and actions.

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Compliance platform

Everything you need to make compliance happen

We bring together everything that's required to make compliance happen in your organization. Our extremely flexible software makes it easy to build stunning checklists , so you can deliver a uniform experience across your organization.

We also help organizations with anonymous audits ,corrective actions, flexible sub-tasks, ISO readiness, value collection, natural hazards, and much more.

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ISO 14001 audit

Location Tokyo, Japan

Audit date 5th October 2022

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Designed for compliance
The world's most flexible and easy-to-use compliance system

We have spent endless hours building a compliance-system, that is both easy-to-use and flexible enough to meet real-world business requirements.

Build any checklist

We offer a comprehensive drag-n-drop tool, where you can build any compliance models.
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Prebuilt checklist

You can use or adopt our prebuilt checklists to get started quickly.
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Global scale
Build for enterprises

For ambitious organizations around the world, 21RISK makes it effortless to manage compliance. Our software runs distributed around the world, ready to serve your needs.

Battle tested

Our systems operate with high availability , scalability, backups and built in redundancy.


21RISK is flexible at is core, making it possible to audit anything from natural hazards to ISO checklists.

Powerfull API's

Our API's make it possible to integrate with anything. Bring your data from 21RISK anywhere, for example Power BI .

Always improving

We release dozens of features each year to help you stay ahead. New versions are deployed every night, constantly improving.
Compliance - yes please!