Export a report

You can export a report in 21RISK in 2 formats, PDF or Excel. This can sometimes be a good solution, if you can't share the report directly in 21RISK with the targeted audience.

Export as PDF

You can export both draft and published reports as PDF. Please be patient, larger reports can take around 1 minute to be exported.

After clicking the download button, a notification in the top right corner of the screen will show download progress. After some time, the PDF will be ready.

In most browsers, clicking the Download button will open the report in a new browser window. From here you can either download the PDF to your local computer. When exporting to PDF we re-arrange the categories in the report to avoid page-break issues, and display comment's and files.

Export as Excel

PDF's are great for most cases, but if you would like to work with the data in the report Excel is a better tool.

After clicking the Export Excel, a notification will open in the top right corner.

In most browsers using the Download option will download the Excel file to your computer. The excel spread sheet consists of 2 sheets Summary and Evaluation . Summary will give you the basic information, and the evaluation sheet shows the compliance level for each category in the report.

The evaluation sheets will list every category in the report

We are actively working with the Excel format, so feel free to give feedback as always.