Schedule reports

Creating a schedule of what to report when, enables auditors and managers to plan ahead.

Create scheduled reports

To schedule reports, first login to 21RISK, and go to manage-data, locations:

Now, select the locations you would like to schedule an audit for, and click create new reports:

You can now click "Create new reports"

A dialog will open;

  1. Choose "Scheduled"
  2. Pick the Model in question (in this example "Hazards - simple")
  3. Here you can optionally choose a Date (if all schedules are on the same date)
  4. Here you can optionally choose an auditor (if the auditor will be the same on all sites)

When you are ready, click "Create". Depending on the size of the checklist and the number of audits, this operation can take some time.

When the operation is done, navigate to reports and confirm your schedules are there

Please notice the following things

  1. Schedules will choose the current version of a model, when they are started
  2. You can (optionally) choose a date for the audit, simply by clicking on the cell
  3. You can (optionally) choose an auditor for the specific schedule

Start a schedule

To start working with a schedule, simply click on the schedule. It will then convert into a report in draft.