New report - from existing

Sometimes, especially if you have large of complex audits, you may not wish to create a "blank" audit. Sometimes you may wish to instead start with some data.

This can for example be if you have previously audited the same site, and only wish to review all answers and mark differences. Or it can be an annual review, where you confirm that all answers are still valid.

This is possible within 21RISK.

How it works

When you create a report, and tell us you would like to use existing data, we lookup the latest relevant data using the same model and the same site. If we find something we can move it to the new audit. What we move is based on the configuration of the model.

If for example you have a question that indicates the participants of the audit, you may not wish to move any data for that specific question, but rather it be filled out on each audit.

Or if you have a signature question where you want the auditor to sign the audit, you may not wish to move previous signatures either.

How to use it

When you create a new audit under advanced you can select "Latest data" to use this strategy when you are creating audits

How to configure it

If you navigate to the configuration of a model you can move the model into "Configure based on latest". Here you can choose what will be moved.

For each question you can choose if anything should be moved using the toggle "Based on latest". By toggling this off nothing will be moved for this question.

Under the first section you can choose what should be moved globally (between any version of the model).

  • Files (if the question can have files)
  • Comments (if the question can have comments)
  • Due date, responsible, cost estimate and sub tasks (if the question is configured as an action)

Since these things (if enabled) are identical for all questions, they are easy to move.

Below is a section only applicable for moving data between audits using the same version of the model.

Here you can configure

  • If the questions answer should be moved
  • What the question should fallback to if there is no previous audit

The reason we cannot move the answer globally like the other properties is that the configuration of the question could have changed between versions, so we need further configuration if the question has changed.

To do this, you must select the version you wish to migrate from, at the top of the page.

Here you can see an example, where in v1 of my model I had a question with a single checkbox. But in v2 I've added an additional checkbox. When I on v2 selected that I wish to migrate from v1, I can now configure what should happen to the individual checkboxes.

In this case I've configured it so that checkbox 1 is the same, and the new checkbox 2 will be unchecked.