We understand the importance of sharing your report with both colleagues and external shareholders. With 21RISK you can even share the report with people without a 21RISK account - we call this anonymous access.

With 21RISK members

Get a link to share with your colleagues already members of 21RISK

Access to reports for members, is controlled by the location the report is associated with. In other words, if the person you share the link with has access to the location of the report they can view the report without issues. If they don't have access to the location in question, you should invite them to the location in question.

Share with anonymous members

Do you need an external consultant to help you out finish a report? Should someone outside your organization have access to view a key report, without having to onboard them in 21RISK? Scenarios like this is a perfect fit for anonymous access! There is a short video description the feature here - but you are also welcome to continue reading 🙃

Here you can choose between 3 options

  • People from your organization can access the report (default)
  • Anyone on the internet with the link can view
  • Anyone on the internet with the link can edit

Please notice that when you update the Share setting for a report, the new setting will also affect previously shared links . This makes it possible to share a report for a given time-period, and then you can always change the settings back to the default setting.

When sharing the report with edit permissions , you can optionally choose if anonymous users should be allowed to publish the report (defaults to false)

This feature is useful when giving access to an external consultant, where you would like the person to publish the report when done.

When you consume an anonymous link, you will be taken to a screen like the one below:

This confirmation page is useful, because it gives the chance of actually going to login first, should the user actually have a 21RISK account. Otherwise "Let's go!" will open the report, with anonymous access.

This will now open the report, with a notification saying that the user should remember to login - if they have an account.