Audits that actually works

Give your teammates the tools they deserve


Fearlessly dynamic. Audit anything from daily housekeeping to complex ISO certifications.


Let external experts do a one-off audit, or let multiple colleagues collaborate in real time.

Peace of mind

All progress is automatically saved in Scandinavian datacenters with redundant backup.
Desktop-only is so 2020

Bring a frictionless audit experience to your teammates, they will thank you later. We are committed to best possible audit experience - ever.

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Audit anything. Be compliant.

21RISK provides everything you need to make your audit experience a success.

Audit anything

You can build or adapt any type of checklist for 21RISK. From simple yes/no questions to data entry

Get the overview

With hundreds of ongoing audits, we help you bring order in your data. Standardize what you ask about and how.

Collaboration and user training

21RISK empowers multiple users to edit the same report in real-time. We also Lifebuoy you with user training and onboarding material.


Upload images or attach files of any size. Perfect when you need auditors to attach big files like floor plans or videos

Schedule, Draft and Publish

Managing a large number of reports is harder than it sounds. Enjoy our well-defined concepts and take back control

PDF and Excel export

Enjoy battle-tested PDF exports, and detailed Excel exports

Automatic backup policy

Secure your precious audits! All audits in 21RISK benefit from automatic backup, and our Lifebuoy is always ready to help you.

Anonymous access

Give access to individual reports by simply sharing a link anyone on the internet can consume.

Create reports in batch

Create hundreds of reports with a single click. Track when you are scheduled to start audits, so you can allocate resources efficiently.

Work as a team

Bring your team together. Empower your team to audit together, and let everyone participate.

Give anonymous users access

Create links to share with people outside your organization, so they can access your audit. You can even control if they should have edit and/or publish access 🛠

Make compliance happen. Today.