New features added to 21RISK



Model Columns On Reports

Organizing and personalizing how you view reports just got an upgrade!


SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

By becoming SOC 2 Type 1 certified we have reviewed and updated the five trust service principles for data security within our company: privacy, availability, confidentiality, security, and processing integrity.


Mark All As Applicable On Reports

Creating new reports just got easier with our new "mark all as applicable/not applicable" feature!


Documentation Update

We've just updated our documentation, to help you get the most out of 21RISK!


Created By Sorting Option On Reports

We made it easier for you to sort your reports - now you can sort them by "created by", or in other words you can now showcase reports and sort them according to the person that initially created them!



Most large organizations work with a hierarchy, and with 21RISK you can continue to do so with no issues.


Helpful risk model stats

When you author a new version of a checklist, it can be very helpful to know how many published reports there are. We now give you this information, right at your fingertips 🔥


Whitepapers on 21RISK website

Knowledge is key. Download our whitepapers and expand your knowledge.


Checklist library

Our checklist library makes it easy to find exactly what you need, to make your compliance a success 🤗


Improved dashboard navigation

We have improved our navigation, so filters are now persisted between page navigation in our dashboards.


Support for large reports

We now support reports, no matter the length! This makes it possible to audit extremely complex matters, where you might need hundreds or thousands of questions.


Details-Summary Support

Introducing details-summary support, allowing users to seamlessly include additional information in their content.


Bulk select on reports

Bulk select on reports makes it easy to manage a large number of reports.


Anonymous Reports

Anonymous reports are easy to share, both internally and externally.


Create reports in bulk

You can now create reports in bulk