Collecting insurance values should be

We understand the importance of collecting insurance values of high quality. With support for local currencies and enterprise friendly validation we make it easy.

Make it simple

Users reporting values just have to open an e-mail, fill out values - done! Intuitive, no instructions needed.

Hi Shawn, how long would it take you to start the value collection in 21RISK?
I would also like new values, to help prioritize our efforts...
Don't worry - I just created 1.200 reports and answers are already coming in!
Give your colleagues Superpowers

We give you the tools you need, so you can collect values from thousands of locations.

Configure to exactly your needs

Input validation is not a feature - it's the backbone of your value collection.

Require a value

Users must input a value

Check against last answer

Discard values where the value changed to much from last reported number

Require comment, when change is greater than 10%

Only require comments from users, if the change is +/- a given percentage

Minimum length comment

Help users write meaningfull comments
Discover new insights

Discover how you and your colleagues can interact with your collected insurance data in Power BI. Discover for yourself ⬇️ ⬇️


We support collecting values in more than 130+ different currencies.

Choose your own base currency

Convert local currencies to your base-currency on a predetermined date, so you can compare apples to apples.

Extended valdation

Define how large a deviation in % from last time you accept, before employees must write a comment to explain

Collect from one or thousands of sites

Collect values from thousands of sites, with our enterprise friendly feature to bulk import and create.

Continues backup of provided data

Sleep well at night - 21RISK will automatically save and backup provided values.

Extremly flexible security model

Add members to 21RISK who should only do insurance collections, or add members who should see everything except insurance collection.

Export to Power BI

Sharing your insurance values is only the beginning. Use your Power BI app to deep dive into your data, explore histrical development and find new insights.

Export to Excel

We ❤️ Excel! Export your data to Excel in seconds, and build powerfull Pivot TableCellss. We give you both comments, values in base currency and local currencies.

GraphQl and REST API

Integrating data into your own data warehous? Or building something specific for your organization? Take full control with powerfull API's

📹 Video walk-through
Watch Alex demonstrate value collection in 21RISK. Use chapters in the video to jump to your chapter of interest.
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