Getting started

What is 21RISK

21RISK is a web-application that makes it easy for large organizations to work with risk mitigations and compliance.

Founded in Copenhagen 2018, our mission is to make it effortless to mitigate risks, no matter if you work with insurance or quality/safety.

Our believes

  • Users on sites should have the best possible user experience, so there is as little friction as possible when filling out reports or following up on corrective actions
  • You should have access to a flexible tool, so users don't have to learn 10 different tools for 10 different standards.
  • All customer KPI's are unique, and we are ready to support your individual requirements.
  • Pricing should be no-nonsense and transparent - no hidden costs or surprises.
  • We take ownership, your issues are also our issues

Typical touch-points with your orgniazation

To make your organization work effectively in 21RISK, we need to work together. Here are some typical action points, when we start coorporation with a new customer.

  • Setup of Microsoft Teams Connect (or shared channels). You can read more here . Here we create a channel called infrastructure, with the members needed for setting up technical configuration
  • Configuration of SSO. We send over a link for your IT department, and then they can configure SSO to enable secure and easy authentication in 21RISK.

Typical use-cases of 21RISK

QEHS departments use 21RISK to audit sites using standards like ISO14001 and Asset Protection, identify weak points and follow up on corrective actions. Key benefits

  • Never miss a corrective action again, lost in a shared Excel file
  • Enjoy a powerful report experience, both for internal users and external experts.
  • Detailed audit trails makes the work with your standards transparent
  • Track cost estimates, responsible people and due dates.
  • Enjoy powerfull analytics to empower your analytics

Insurance/treasure departmens typically use 21RISK for value collection, natural hazards exposure and climate change. Our powerfull insurance portal makes it easy for customers to share insights with insurance companies, with best of class analytics embedded. Key benefits

  • Collect values from your sites across the globe, with support for 130+ currencies
  • Manage COPE values with our build in standards, or customize for your specific requirements.
  • Analyze your exposure for Natural Hazards
  • Get insights into how your sites are exposed against climate change, for different RCP scenarios.
  • Give access to insurance companies, so they can access your insurance data with a click of a button.
  • Never miss corrective actions from engineers again, but proactively work with them.