Fair Billing Policy

We offer a Fair Billing Policy because we believe that you should only pay for members that are actively using 21RISK. This ensures that we will only get paid if 21RISK is a success at your company. Enterprise agreements use fixed prices, and the "Fair Billing Policy" is therefore not applicable to them.

The short version

  • If you use 21RISK on the free plan with 5 members and choose to upgrade to our premium plan, you will be charged for 5 active members.
  • If all members become inactive, you’ll be charged for a minimum of one member, unless you decide to downgrade to the free version of 21RISK
  • We will automatically keep track of if members become inactive, and update the billing statement.
  • Fair billing calculations and any changes to the number of active members in your 21RISK group will be reflected in your billing statement.

What happens when you add members to a paid plan

If your company grows and you add more members than you currently pay for, we will only charge for the time left in the billing period.

For example:

Your company is on the premium plan, and you pay monthly, 15€ per member per month. You now add a new member 20 days into the month, and there are 10 days remaining in the month.

The prorated subscription cost is then 15€ divided by the number of days in the month (30), multiplied by the number of days remaining (10). In this example, the prorated cost is therefore 5€.

When do we charge your credit card

  • On the day of purchase of the premium plan
  • On the monthly or annual renewal date (depending on your schedule).
  • On the last day of the month if your workspace is on an annual payment schedule and there is an outstanding balance from adding new members (if you are on a monthly schedule, any outstanding balances from adding new members are charged once a month).

Inactive vs active members

21RISK determines automatically if a member is active or inactive. If a member becomes inactive, we prorate the credits to your 21RISK account. The credits will be applied when new members are added to your workspace, or on your next renewal date.

These credits have no currency or exchange value, are non-transferable and non-refundable, and will expire following the termination of your paid services plan with 21RISK.

Example of credits, monthly:

Your group is on the monthly plan, paying monthly - 15€ per member per month. If a member for a given month is not active, we give you the prorated credit amount of 15€.

Example of credits, annually:

Your group is paying for 5 members annually - 15€ per member per month. If a member did not use 21RISK in 4 months, we will then give you 15€ * 4 = 60€ credits for the next billing period.

A member in 21RISK is determined to be active if they used 21RISK in the past 30 days.