Action. Now.

Audits reveals issues. Issues you are expected to solve. Corrective Actions finally gives you the tool you deserve to make compliance happen.

Identify issues

Audits leads to issues, that you track in actions.


Assign responsible users, specify due-dates, attach files and much more.


Enjoy a rich audit trail, so you can tell who did what when.
Work smarter, not harder

Effortlessly assign a responsible person, cost-estimate and due-date directly when auditing.

Red. Yellow. Green.

Finally a compliance system everyone can understand.

Identify an issue

Identify an issue while auditing, and track the non-compliance in a corrective action.

Track progress along the way

Corrective actions is where you track your progress. When essential information is added the status will automagically change to in-progress.

Electrician is hired, cost estimate is 300€
Should be ready by this Friday.

Collaborate and complete

Engage your team to find solutions. Add comments or upload files. We keep track of all changes, so the full history can be documented.

Could you please tell me where I can find the floor plan for the storage depot?
Sandra (Auditor)
I'm new here, maybe Shawn can help?
Adam (Site employee)
I have uploaded the floor plan Sandra. Can you confirm it's what you need?
Shawn (Site employee)

Track cost estimates

All actions can be assigned cost estimates, so you can estimate the cost of compliance.

Set due dates

Communicate deadlines and set goals by setting due dates on actions.

Friendly reminders

We batch e-mail notifications, and guarantee to send in working-hours.


A detailed audit-trail gives insights into who did what, when.


Do you aim to track estimated time or some other metric? Extend actions with your own metrics.

Excel export

Enjoy full control over your data. Export to Excel, or consume in Power BI through our powerfull API's.


Do you need a specific task solved? Add subtask's with the specifications.

Approval steps

Do you need specific persons to review actions before they are marked as completed? Enable our approval feature, so actions are only marked as completed after a review.

Column or TableCells view

Choose if you would like to view your actions in a classic column-layout, or an effective TableCells layout.

Browse your actions with ease and speed

Find what you need, when you need it ⚡️

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