Shipping, transportation and logistics/forwarding related advisory/consultancy & handling partnering services within: 

Operational Risk Management


  • The 360° life cycle from risk identification through analytics, risk ranking, mitigations and (financial) risk transfers;

  • Risk-retention (vs risk transfer) analyses & management; 

Claim Management


  • Claim reviews & advice;

  • Claim and case handling, incl. adjustment, negotiations, settlements & documentation;

  • Insurance & third party recoveries;

Insurance Management (including financial risk transfer)


  • Risk, policy terms & cover reviews:

    • Review of existing solutions/covers, e.g. pre-renewal, for programme consolidation and optimisation & 

      • improvements (coverage, terms, premium, retention, etc.)

      • Insurance/cover placement;

      • Policy/programme management; 

      • Renewal/amendment negotiations;

      • Policy/cover documentation;

Loss & Claims Prevention


  • Data based performance reviews & analyses;

  • Performance recommendations & improvements;

  • Data-based monitoring, statistics/analyses & reviews:

  • Preventive programme development & management

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

“. . adherence to (= being compliant) laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and standards relevant to the specific industry, business (incl. products/services), and processes”. 


  • Developing and managing compliance programmes 

  • Main objective: ensure local, national, and international legal requirements are continuously met.

  • Sub-goal: Create suitable and acceptable alternatives for the specific business, product or service where regulatory compliance is not immediately feasible or the “cost” of compliance is disproportionate. 

Contract work – Reviews, improvement and management of....


  • Customer and supplier contracts, including:

  • terminal agreements, 

  • carrier service/space agreements, 

  • transport documents, 

  • haulier agreements, 

  • rail agreements… etc.

  • Development of standard contract templates and terms;

Objectives & Targets:

“Being the customer’s trusted partner!”

  • High focus on customer expectations & customer service;

  • Delivery to customer satisfaction in all interactions and deliverables;

  • Timely and qualitative deliverables to expectations and surpassing;

  • High focus on ethics and integrity in works, deliverables & service;

  • Cost-effective service & deliverables: time & cost management 


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