Aug 30, 2023
hierarchy support now in 21RISK

Organizational Structure : Large organizations often operate with hierarchies. With the new update in 21RISK, users can replicate these organizational structures within the platform. Navigate to the locations list to view the standard list of locations. Now users can seamlessly add hierarchical data. For instance, a main division like 'Vehicle Engineering' can have child divisions, and those child divisions can have their own sub-divisions.

Improved Access Control : Granting access has become more flexible. When inviting members to an organization, access can now be given at specific levels in the hierarchy. For instance, if a user is granted access to the 'finance' level, they automatically gain access to its sub-levels like 'purchasing' and all its subsequent child levels.

Action Filtering : Along with the hierarchical addition, action filtering has been enhanced. Navigate to actions to filter by various criteria. Users can now filter actions based on the hierarchy. If someone is interested in viewing actions from a specific location like Texas, it’s just as easy as before. Plus, actions from specific categories, like 'automation and controls', across multiple locations (e.g., Texas and California) can be displayed.

Hierarchy Visualization : An intuitive user experience improvement has been made: Hovering over a location will display its position in the organizational hierarchy, providing context at a glance.

We're committed to enhancing your experience with 21RISK and believe these changes will aid larger organizations in better managing their structures and access controls. We're excited about these changes and hope you find them as beneficial as we do!