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Hiearchy in 21RISK

Sep 05, 2023

Alex Bjørlig

If you prefer to watch a video, here is the hierarchy video, and otherwise please keep reading 🤗

In the business world, hierarchies are everywhere. From the organizational charts that define our corporate structure to the multi-tiered decision-making processes we use daily, hierarchical models are deeply woven into the fabric of our operations. The reason is simple: hierarchies provide clarity. They define roles, streamline decision-making, and give a bird’s-eye view of complex processes.

Yet, as digital tools and platforms become the backbone of modern businesses, the need to reflect these organizational hierarchies within our digital solutions is more evident than ever. It’s not just about replicating real-world structures online; it’s about ensuring our tools are as intuitive, structured, and efficient as our organizations aim to be.

Enter 21RISK’s new hierarchy feature, a significant leap toward more organized, intuitive, and controlled risk management.

What's New?

1. Reflect Your Organizational Structure Online: Just as many large organizations work with hierarchical models, 21RISK now allows you to build a similar structure in the platform. Navigate to the locations list to see a familiar sight but with an added twist - you can now build and visualize your organizational structure, layer by layer.

2. Granular Access Control: Granting access to information is a balancing act. Too much access can lead to chaos; too little can stifle productivity. Our enhanced access control lets you grant permissions at specific levels in the hierarchy. For instance, a member with access to a top-tier department like 'finance' would automatically see related sub-departments.

3. Enhanced Action Filtering: Want to see actions specific to a division, a team, or even a geographical location? With the new hierarchy-based action filtering, you can view actions from any level of your organization with ease.

4. Visualize with Context: Ever found yourself lost in a maze of locations or departments? Now, simply hover over a location, and you'll instantly see its position within the organizational hierarchy.

For a step-by-step guide on how to utilize and maximize the benefits of this feature, check out our detailed documentation here.

Why This Matters?

Hierarchies aren't just about control; they're about clarity. By replicating real-world structures in 21RISK, we're bridging the gap between digital solutions and organizational needs. We believe that tools should reflect the realities of business operations. With the new hierarchy feature, 21RISK becomes an even more potent ally for businesses aiming to streamline, organize, and manage risk with precision.

Join us on this journey as we continue to evolve, innovate, and ensure that 21RISK remains at the forefront of risk management solutions tailored for today's businesses.