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Automations are now live

Dec 05, 2022

Alex Bj繪rlig

Automations are live

At 21RISK we care deeply about our customer's requirements and wishes. We have started to hear more and more questions in the following shape

  • Can we notify person XYZ with a message, when an action changes the status to awaiting review?

  • If an action about fire safety changes the status to in progress, can we notify the responsible person with an important message?

  • When a report is published, can we send a link to the person responsible?

Adding features to cover these requirements raises a lot of difficult questions. What wording should the email use? Should it be active for all customers at 21RISK - or only a small subset? This is why we came up with the idea of Automations, making it possible for our customers to build their own business logic directly into 21RISK.

What are Automations?

Automations makes it very simple for our customers, to build their specific business rules into 21RISK with minimal friction. Automations are no-code, and simple to add and modify.


Automations consist of 3 parts, a trigger, filters, and what should happen.


The trigger decides when automation will run. We have decided to start with a single trigger, that will run every time the status of a corrective action changes.


We are already talking about adding more triggers, so you could trigger automations:

  • On a time-schedule

  • When a new comment is added

  • When a report is published

The time schedule will be an easy way to build automations, to send weekly updates of activity. Stay tuned, or reach out to our support if you have any ideas for triggers.


When a trigger is fired, filters make it possible to build your business logic. Maybe you only want a message when an action changes the status to in progress if the cost estimate is defined. Or maybe you only want notifications, if the action is related to electrical risk.


Filters make it easy to build your specific filtering logic, so Automations stay relevant in your specific use case.

What should happen

Maybe the most important step, is what should actually happen with your automation. Our first feature here is a notification, where you can write a customized email. This makes it easy to use your exact wording.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 08.58.45.png

We also ship support for template substitution, making it possible for your emails to reference the exact action or the recipient's name.

Internally we are already thinking about new use cases, other than notifications:

  • Creating new corrective actions

  • Creating new reports

  • Updating other properties on actions, when an update happen

Next steps

We hope that you are excited about Automations at 21RISK, and are looking forward to seeing the exact business logic you will build. Next up for automations will be a monitoring tool, so you can look up what automations actually ran and if there were any issues or problems.