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We are building an ecosystem!

May 09, 2022

Martin Hald


21RISK Partner Hub

We are working hard to make it convenient for companies and experts to find each other when working with compliance and auditing. Our goal is to build an expert listing, where companies and organizations quickly can find the expert help they need.

Are you an expert - you can use our software for your clients as long as they subscribe to 21RISK, free, premium or enterprise

Why you should join our partner program

If you are an expert auditor, advisor, or consultant you should come and join the 21RISK partner program:

  • Give your clients a breathtaking digital experience, and focus on your area of expertise

  • Lead generation, co-marketing and referral fees

  • Access to high-quality APIs to build complementary analytics and reports

Help your customers make sense of their data

Modern organizations are required to audit ever more complex areas of operations, and the need for 3rd party experts is growing. 

The result of this is that you will have a variety of auditors each of them trying to deliver the best possible insights - from their own isolated perspective. 

This potentially creates a nightmare from a data organization's perspective - how do you as an organisation compare an audit from the EHS department if the structure is non-compatible with the format used in the insurance department. We help solve this problem by building a unified model in cooperation with existing experts. This will empower you and your customers to deliver insightful reports to your stakeholders, helping prioritize where money, time and effort should be spent.

An easy way to scale your company

21RISK will be the stepping stone for auditors towards a digital future where data and analytics will help them with a fast track to scale their own business in the new digital future.

Focus on your area of expertise instead of setting up the same cumbersome dataflows again and again. 21RISK will give you access to powerful software, built specifically for experts and auditors like you. Don’t bother with complicated Excel spreadsheets, messy Google Forms, and data formats constantly changing shape. We have spent years perfecting the audit experience and combine this with a best-in-class follow up system that actually makes compliance happen.

As part of the partner program, you will be part of our ecosystem and get access to a growing market within your area of expertise, as well as, have the possibility to create your own income with attractive referrals if you bring new customers to 21RISK.

Access to high-quality APIs

We have seen countless examples of experts doing valuable audits, but their findings are hidden in dusty Excel spreadsheets or PDFs never to be seen again. With 21RISK this will never happen again. It does not matter if you are a one-man agency or a multinational omnipresent agency - 21RISK will finally make it possible for you to deliver high-quality analytics and reporting to your customers.

If you have ideas about how to build Power BI reports in a special way, or maybe combine 21RISK data with valuable data from other sources, we are 100% supportive. The value of data multiplies when it’s shared between stakeholders, this might be insurers, brokers, external auditors, internal co-workers, board of directors, etc.

We hope that you are ready to become a partner at 21RISK and offer customers a powerful enterprise risk management solution. We can’t wait to get started!

You can contact us here if you are interested or have any questions.