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How Nilfisk saved 75% of the time normally spent collecting and analyzing data in Excel

Being compliant in today’s age is a gruesome task - especially if you are a large company. Documentation often gets scattered in simpler tools like Excel, and even in more advanced software systems, their overwhelming complexity is often a burden rather than the solution you need. Watch Steen Dandanell explain how Nilfisk now has an effective and streamlined process with 21RISK.

That’s why we developed 21RISK - a compliance and risk management software that eases the compliance process, rather than complicating it. Anyone can make a complex tool without understanding how it is for the user to work with it, but instead of blindly developing, we took input from experienced Risk Managers on what they needed the most help with, and we strived to excel at it.

Who Are Nilfisk?

Nilfisk, founded in 1906 by Danish engineer P.A. Fisker, has grown into a global powerhouse in the professional cleaning industry. Initially established in a Copenhagen backyard workshop, the company's commitment to technological advancement and innovative cleaning solutions has propelled it to become a leader in the field.

Throughout its history, Nilfisk has consistently demonstrated a dedication to delivering cutting-edge cleaning products and services to the market. Operating in over 40 countries with a strong presence, the company's primary focus lies in providing both industrial and commercial cleaning equipment and solutions. As demonstrated by its enduring success and growth, Nilfisk remains steadfast in its mission to lead the cleaning industry and offer innovative solutions to its customers.

Nilfisk's global presence is underscored by its manufacturing facilities in multiple countries, including the US, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, and China. Through its dedication to innovation, quality, and global expansion, Nilfisk has solidified its reputation as a leader in the cleaning industry and continues to shape the way businesses approach cleaning solutions in the modern world.

How are we helping Nilfisk to stay compliant?

With an enormous global team, Nilfisk has a lot of compliance and risk management needs to be fulfilled. They wanted to ease the data collection process, but they also wanted software that would allow them seamless transparency and awareness of their compliance and risk management situation with management, senior leadership and stakeholders.

As such we focused on making their compliance and risk management process as efficient and streamlined as possible for everyone - from top to bottom of the compliance company hierarchy. Once they switched on our 21RISK platform, they noticed 75% efficiency increase:

It is a pain point for us to send out the Excel sheets, keep track who has answered, who has not, compare the data, what was reported last year, what was reported this year. By using the 21RISK system, I estimate we have saved approximately 75% of the time we normally would have spent on collecting and analyzing the data.

We don’t want users to run in circles, and bend over backwards to gather documentation, generate reports, and analyze that information. We envisioned 21RISK as a simple platform, that is as to the point as possible so that when you start the already complex and painstaking process of compliance, you can actually get it done.

And, because it’s so simple for users to work with the 21RISK system, higher up the chain in management, managers also have a much clearer, transparent and realistic picture of compliance and possible risks:

I think in addition to the users being quite content with the functionality in the system, 21RISK also provides comfort to our management and to senior leadership at the company. And knowing that it had, it creates transparency for them, to see the values that has been reported, it provides some comfort that we are on top of the risks of the company.

Of course, changing the entire compliance system in a mid/large-sized company is quite the feat, however, with our simple integrations and continued support, we made the switching process to 21RISK for Nilfisk a breeze:

So, for us, 21RISK has been fairly simple to implement, it’s a fairly simple system to use, and it also provides good value compared to the annual cost of having the system.

We are in constant touch with Nilfisk and all of our clients, we listen, adapt, and provide as simple as possible solutions to their compliance issues so that everyone can have an easier time staying compliant - from the bottom to the top of the compliance company hierarchy chain.  Wanting to grow, and accommodate the needs of our clients like Nilfisk is what makes 21RISK a better, smarter, and more effective solution for staying compliant.

Compliance doesn’t have to be the process that everyone in the company dreads, it can be simple yet effective, and we want to give the opportunity to companies struggling with compliance to experience seamless, streamlined compliance with 21RISK.

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