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How BHJ streamlined data and leveraged the capabilities of 21RISK to save both time and money

Securing property insurance is increasingly complex and costly. BHJ has addressed this challenge by utilizing 21RISK to present and market property risk information effectively. According to Anke Hendriksen, Legal & Risk Director at BHJ, 21RISK plays a pivotal role in this process, providing substantial savings.

Compared to the total insurance costs that we have, 21RISK is just a very, very small part, and it is also a very small part that can help us save a considerable amount of money

Efficient Data Collection and Management

Collecting data throughout larger organizations is always a challange. Do you send out emails or distribute spreadsheets? And how do you handle analyzing the incomming data? We've designed 21RISK with this specific challange in mind. Whether it's Value Collection, COPE, NatCat, Climate or fire hazards you are trying to collect data regarding, the system can support you in this process.

21RISK has been a huge help in terms of the chaos it would have been to collect all that data from all those people through a mailbox or any other system that wasn’t directly designed for this kind of process

We're with you all the way

21RISK is priced to scale with the value that you are getting. This way allows you to start out small, get immediate value and scale the solution with your needs. When getting started with 21RISK, we will meet you where you are. Maybe you are using Microsoft Teams? We can set up a shared channel so we are never more than few clicks away. We are also always available through email or a phone call - whatever works best for you. We feel our flexible and immediate support channels is the best way to support you and make sure you get the most value out of 21RISK.

Anke Hendriksen highlighted the exceptional support from 21RISK, particularly the ease of resolving issues through direct contact with company co-founder Martin Hald.

I would definitely recommend the system to other people in my position. Starting up with 21RISK is not a big investment, its very easy to work with, its very intuitive the data can be exported we own the data, I trust the company completely and again I wouldn’t know what to do without it on a daily basis basically


For BHJ, 21RISK is more than just a compliance tool—it's a strategic asset that enhances operational efficiency and supports the company's efforts to secure property insurance in a challenging market. The platform's ability to streamline data collection and management, coupled with its user-friendly interface and dependable support, makes 21RISK a vital component of BHJ's risk management framework.

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