Command Palette

The command palette is a contextual menu that can be brought up anywhere within the 21RISK app. You can use it to quickly perform both general functions anywhere in the app, or contextual functions based on where you are


Opening the command palette

To open the command palette simply press either Ctrl + K for Windows and Linux or ⌘ Cmd + K on Mac

Using the command palette

When the command palette has been opened, the cursor will be moved to the search field at the top of the palette. You can immediately start typing to find the command you need. Use your arrow keys to navigate between the commands and enter or the mouse to select it.


Commands with multiple options

Some commands have multiple options when you select them, when you select a command that has more options, the command you chose will be displayed at the top, and each option will be presented in the list, you can use the search bar and arrow keys to select an option the same way you would select a command.